Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)


Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

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Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are small groups that meet in rooms throughout the church building on Sunday mornings.

These classes offer a more personalized and interactive experience than "big church." Members of an ABF often share a similar life stage (ex: young adults, young families) or subject they're interested in learning about (ex: apologetics, Jesus's parables, end times).

Ultimately, our hope is that each person involved in an ABF would be able to:

► Experience support and accountability through Christian relationships
► Discover the Christian worldview on an intellectually satisfying level
► Apply biblical principles to his/her life, transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit


Click on a class below for more information:

9:00 a.m. Classes
10:30 a.m. Classes
(College-age adults)
Solid Foundation
(New believers)
Imago Dei
Growing Relationships
Married & More
Joint Heirs


 9:00 a.m. Classes


Solid Foundation // Room 14

The purpose of this group is to help new believers lay a solid foundation for a life-long growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The class consists of four week-long sessions:

► Assurance of Salvation
► Power for a Changed Life
► Basic Building Blocks
► Life-Long Growth

This class runs continuously throughout the year, so anyone who wants to take the class can hop in any time and stay for four weeks. The group is led by different teachers throughout the year.

No matter we come from, we're all on a spiritual journey. If you're just beginning that journey, and you want to start off on the right foot, please join us for this dynamic, life-changing study of God's Word.

Contact: Bill Stewart at 303-400-2992 or


Growing Relationships // Rooms 15-16

This class will help sharpen and strengthen our relationship with Christ and each other through practical application of biblical truths. Our teacher, H.T. Novak, loves to help us break apart and understand different books of the Bible through expositional teaching.

Contact: Tab & Christy Crane at 303-690-2846 


Faithkeepers // Room 21

This class is for Christians who have been walking with Jesus and want to continue to "keep the faith." Some of our members switch off facilitating the group and leading us through Scripture that help us to know God emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


Ron & Lillian Munson at 303-452-0060


10:30 a.m. Classes


Rooted // Room 3 (Behind Coffee Bar) or outside sometimes

This is the college and career class for young adults ages 18-30. Our purpose is to equip young adults to live lives that are rooted in Christ (See Colossians 2:6-7). We're a group of broken people who are just trying to sort out God's truth as it applies to our jobs, careers, relationships, education, and our world.

We meet Sunday mornings, but we also have a lot of other events going on during the week. Check out our page for more information.

(Note: You don't have to be in college to be a part of this group! Many of us are currently working or looking for work.)


Contact: Chris Middleton  @ 970-215-6157


Imago Dei // Room 2

"Imago Dei" means "image of God" in Latin and is derived from Genesis 1:26. As God's image-bearers, we share in God's characteristics, including as His creativity, worthiness of dignity, and ability to love.

This class is designed for those in their twenties and early thirties in all stages of life. We strive to encourage one another to imitate Christ in the way we live our lives. We enjoy praying for one another throughout the week, encouraging and serving one another, and spending time with one another at our midweek activities.

Contact: Shane & Linda Beans at 916-835-8418


Married & More // Rooms 15-16

This class is comprised of couples (with or without children) who want to learn what God's Word says concerning marriage, parenting, and our daily Christian walk. The class is taught by various teachers from within the class.

We also have a family small group that meets during the week, as well as special events each month.

Contact: Doug and Karen Swanberg at 303-731-0936 .


Joint Heirs // Room 21

All ages are welcome to this exciting, intergenerational class. Art Deyo, our teacher, takes us through interesting and often complex topics relating to God and His plan for our world. Lately, we have been studying prophecy and the end times.


Ray & Connie Hogg at 303-771-6816
Art & Lois Deyo at 303-840-1378