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June 5, 2017

Posted by Pastor Rick John on

Encourage0gram    June 5, 2017


Shalom to you all!


Proverbs 5 is an extremely practical chapter for all, especially teenagers and young adults.  But let us not excuse ourselves because we are older!  It should come with an R rating.  In this chapter the sin of adultery is portrayed as caused by a woman but woe to any man who pursues it.  We are personally responsible to our God for all sins and sexual ones are not exempt.  


As Solomon warns us against the sin of adultery, he commands us to use discretion. This word is used eight times in Proverbs (1:4; 2:11; 3:21; 5:2; 8:12; 12:2; 14;17; 24:8).  It can be used of evil devises and schemes but is used here and elsewhere with a very positive connotation.  As life unfolds a person who possesses discretion will see evil and avoid it!


God calls us to moral purity regarding sexual expression.  He calls us to not indulge in any sexual activity outside of a marriage covenant. This a high standard but one that offers us many blessings if we keep it.  As with any sin God does offer forgiveness but it is always better to not fall into sin.  


As you read the downfall of the one who falls into adultery, make yourself aware of the process.  It often begins with sweet words but ends in bitterness and even death (5:3-5).  The adulteress is unaware of her unhealthy, sinful lifestyle (5:6).  So, the only solution is the Joseph plan: Run away from sexual temptations (5:8).  The great losses are aptly outlined in 5:9-14. One who falls into this sin will lose strength, wealth, and health.  The root cause for these tragedies is an unwillingness to learn from discipline and correction (5:12-14; see Hebrews 12).


Now the blessing of martial sexual bliss is graphically described in 5:15-19.  Such a romantic picture of intimacy within marriage. 


The final paragraph of this chapter reminds us of the certainty of our Holy God’s examination of our lives (5:20-23).  Beware of a lack of discipline and folly in your life.  Folly here often requires a rod of discipline (see Proverbs 22:15, 27:22).  This folly will tear your house down (14:1).  It is often revealed in outbursts of anger (14:29) and reveals a lack of sound judgment and common sense (15:21).


Best advice of the day to all who are married. 


NIV Proverbs 5:15 Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.


Live in wisdom and peace!


Your servant,

Pastor Rick