Rooted - Young Adult Ministries


Rooted - Young Adult Ministries



If any of these describe you . . .

A young adult (working, in college, both, neither)
Wondering what God has in store for your future
Hungry for fulfilling, authentic relationships
Weary of superficial and hypocritical religion
Searching for the real heart of Jesus
Seeking joy, freedom, and hope in your life

. . . we're with you.



What is Rooted?

“We are best described by our blessing. The blessing we utilize is composed from the following passages of scripture: I Chronicles 2 vs. 11-15, Isaiah 11 vs. 1, Matthew 1 vs. 5-6, Romans 11 vs. 17, Ephesians 3 vs. 14-19, and Colossians 2 vs. 6-7


The Rooted Blessing

May He who is the root from Jesse that became the divine branch onto which we have been grafted;

Strengthen us with power in our inner being from His glorious riches,

That Christ will dwell in our hearts through faith, being rooted and established in love

And we who’ve received Christ Jesus as Lord continue to live our lives with overflowing thankfulness

Rooted and built up in Him


We believe God loves us too much to let us settle for less than an abundant life. So we meet together. We seek out the amazing things He has in store for us. We encourage one another to live life for its intended purposes. And we depend on the Spirit of God to transform us daily; so that we are not afraid of becoming what God wants us to be. 


What do you guys do?

We seek to understand the world God made so we can bring His love to its every corner. We mess up and receive forgiveness and watch God do miracles anyway. We call it grace.

In a few words, we share LIFE together.

No matter what we're doing, we strive to take Jesus with us and show the world His heart.
Because God has so much more in store for us than just a social club.


What if I'm new?

No worries. We love it when new people show up.

No matter where you're coming from, or what your personality is like, we hope you'll want to be our friend by the time you leave.


How can I get involved?

Maybe you're new. Maybe you've been coming on Sundays for a while, but you want to take the next step in Rooted. Or maybe you've been gone from church for a while, and you're thinking about coming back.

Well, there's good news. Rooted is fraught with plenty of opportunities to plug in. Many of us have busy or ever-changing schedules, but we invite you to come whenever you can.


Here are a few of our formal activities . . .

Sunday Mornings: Rooted ABF

Rooted ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) meets at 10:30 a.m. at the church in Room 3 behind the Coffee Bar in the foyer (or, on a good day, FCC's front lawn). You can find us discussing movies, work, school, art, and other spiritual things over coffee and donuts.



LIFE Group


Pass it on.

The Christian life doesn't stop at "me." God invites us not only to grow personally, but to build into the lives of others, not keeping the abundant life to ourselves.

Rooted LIFE Group has the purpose of helping us be disciples of Jesus, who make disciples. We strive to imitate the church described in Acts 2:42-47, devoting ourselves to loving like Jesus, learning sound doctrine, fellowshipping with one another, and spreading the good news.

Come join us to eat snacks, read and discuss the Bible, and hear about how Jesus has been real in our lives. Discuss relevant questions we face in our jobs, schools, families, culture, and world.