Women's Ministries


Women's Ministries



Women’s Ministries of Fellowship Community Church exists for four main purposes:

Usher in Deep Intimacy with Jesus ►►►

Provide Satisfying Sense of Community ►►►

Nurture Full Spiritual Maturity ►►►

Put Christ-Like Faith in Context ►►►


Current Women’s Ministries Model

Special Events

Every once in a while, FCC Women’s Ministries will put on a special event just for women. Women who go to these events generally have a lot of fun, meet new women, share prayer requests, and learn about more opportunities in the church.

Bring your friends or coworkers to these events so they can come hear the good news and experience the Holy Spirit’s presence through caring relationships!

Check out our calendar to see when our next Women’s Ministries Event is happening!


Bible Studies and Book Studies

Want to receive biblical instruction on life and faith alongside other women?

There is always a way to hop on board in a Bible study or book study through our Women’s Ministries. We tend to cycle through different books of the Bible or other God-honoring books throughout different seasons of the year.

Check out our bulletin on Sundays to find out when you can sign up for our next study!


LIFE Groups

At FCC, we believe LIFE groups are where you will find the most concentrated fellowship and discipleship opportunities. For that reason, when there is ever a woman looking for more out of her walk with Christ, we encourage her to try out one of our co-ed LIFE Groups.

To find out more about LIFE Groups, click here.


Women’s Leadership Team 

Christy Crane 303-918-5488
Susan Current 303-680-1986
Marie Welch 303-229-1264
Barbara Williams 303-750-1612