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Encourage0gram May 9, 2020

Posted by Pastor Rick John on

May 9, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I apologize that I did not write an encourage0gram on Thursday or Friday. But today is Saturday so here are some thoughts to encourage your souls.
This past Thursday was our National Day of Prayer so I want to take a few days to look at the “Let us” patch in Hebrews 10.
NIV Hebrews 10:19-21
Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, 20 by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, 21 and since we have a great priest over the house of God,
This introduction is amazing!  We are so blessed as the brothers and sisters in God’s forever family! Look at our advantages:

  1. We have confidence!  The word confidence is found 31 times in the New Testament.  It describes boldness or frankness in speech, openness in public gatherings, and courage or fearlessness in attitude. Aristotle used this word to define the freedom in a democracy. So, in Hebrews 10 we are blessed to approach God at any time with the freedom to address any issue. If you are worried pray!  If you are anxious, pray! If you are joyful pray! The list of possible prayer requests is limitless!  So, let us PRAY!
  2. Where are we invited to pray?  We are invited into the most holy place. This is the inner sanctum of the ancient tabernacle and temple. This is the place where God dwells over the ark of the covenant. His presence is open to everyone!  The earthly temple is modeled after the heavenly one.  The writer of Hebrews confirms that Jesus took his once for all sacrifice into the heavenly temple. (Hebrews 9:1-10:18)
  3. How did this happen? It is a major result of the death of Jesus. It is solely by his shed blood. The writer of Hebrews consistently reminds us that Jesus death was “once for all” (Hebrews 7:27, 9:12, 26, 10:2, 10). We pray in Jesus’ name because He opened the way and it is solely by His authority that we are welcomed into God’s presence.
  4. Jesus is our Great High Priest!  He is seated in heaven at the Father’s right hand because his sacrifice is complete (Hebrews 1:3, 8:1, 10:12, 12:2).  The only ongoing work of Jesus as our High Priest is interceding for us (7:25).
  5. This way into God’s presence is identified as new and living.  This is a brand-new way, absolutely unique and never seen before His death for us!  It is living because our Savior rose from the dead and is alive forevermore!
  6. The writer alludes to the temple veil torn at the moment Jesus declared his victory in the words: “it is finished!”  (see Luke 23:44-46).  He calls the veil his body!  What a picture of God’s amazing grace and mercy! 

This introduction to the “Let us patch” should motivate us to pray!  Take a moment to talk with the Lord confident that Jesus has opened the way to God for YOU.  The way will stay forever open and you are invited to ask any request that is on your heart!
How I thank Jesus for opening this new and living way! How I thank God for your prayers!  Our God is good all the time and all the time God remains GOOD!
Please join our worship service tomorrow.  We will worship in songs, prayers and a wonderful interview with our newest missionary! The sermon explores the subject of how to stand firm in the Lord.  When you log on to our website (www.fcchruch.org) you can click on the sermon directly.  Once the premier has begun at 9:00 AM the service will be available at any time online.  
Your servant for Jesus’ sake,
Pastor Rick