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February 22, 2018

Posted by Pastor Rick John on

Chapter seven: The All-Comprehensive Gift 2/22
This is one of the richest chapters in this book. I urge to read it repeatedly! Ask God to open your eyes, your ears and your hearts to receive joyfully this great truth!  Let me add a word of caution:  I do not agree with 100% of the teaching in this book.  I am stretched in my prayer life by it.  We only have one book that is inerrant that is the Bible.  I hope you are finding this prayer journey helpful.  I am eager to pray and watch with YOU!  God does amazing things in answer to our humble prayers!  Pastor Rick
NIV Luke 11:13
If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"
1.     What is the best gift God wants to give us?
2.     How does this Gift help us?
3.     What is the “special work” of the Holy Spirit?
4.     How will God pour out His Spirit?
5.     How doe we claim God’s promise of the Spirit?
Blessed Lord!  Thou knowest that this, though it be one of the first and simplest and most glorious lessons in Thy school, is to our hearts one of the hardest to learn:  we know so little of the love of the Father.  Lord!  teach us so to live with the Father that His love may be to us nearer, clearer, dearer, than the love of any earthly father.  And let the assurance of His hearing our prayer be as much greater than the confidence in an earthly parent, as the heavens are higher than earth, as God is infinitely greater than man.  Lord!  show us that it is only our unchildlike distance from the Father that hinders the answer to prayer, and lead us on to the true life of God’s children.  Lord Jesus!  it is fatherlike love that wakens childlike trust.  O reveal to us the Father, and His tender, pitying love, that we may become childlike, and experience how in the child-life lies the power of prayer.
Blessed Son of God!  the Father loveth Thee and hath given Thee all things.  And Thou lovest the Father, and hast done all things He commanded Thee, and therefore hast the power to ask all things.  Lord!  give us Thine own Spirit, the Spirit of the Son.  Make us childlike, as Thou wert on earth.  And let every prayer be breathed in the faith that as the heaven is higher than the earth, so God’s Father-love, and His readiness to give us what we ask, surpasses all we can think or conceive.  Amen.
NIV Ephesians 5:18
Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery.
Instead, be filled with the Spirit,