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March 25, 2018

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Chapter 31 A life of Prayer March 25, 2018
NIV 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, 17 pray continually,
18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1.     What lesson can we learn from the parable of the widow and the unjust judge?
2.     What is the first thing needed to live the life of prayer?
3.     What is role of faith in the life of prayer?
4.     How do we become involved in persevering prayer?
5.     How should the Holy Spirit be involved in our prayers?
6.     What is the chief thing we need to know about unceasing prayer?
As the soul is filling with the longing for the manifestation of God’s glory to us and in us, through us and around us, and with the confidence that He hears the prayers of His children; the inmost life of the soul is continually rising upward in dependence and faith, in longing desire and trustful expectation.
At the close of our meditations it will not be difficult to say what is needed to live such a life of prayer.  The first thing is undoubtedly the entire sacrifice of the life to God’s kingdom and glory.  He who seeks to pray without ceasing because he wants to be very pious and good, will never attain to it.  It is the forgetting of self and yielding ourselves to live for God and His honour that enlarges the heart, that teaches us to regard everything in the light of God and His will, and that instinctively recognises in everything around us the need of God’s help and blessing, an opportunity for His being glorified.  Because everything is weighed and tested by the one thing that fills the heart—the glory of God, and because the soul has learnt that only what is of God can really be to Him and His glory, the whole life becomes a looking up, a crying from the inmost heart, for God to prove His power and love and so show forth His glory. 
In proportion as this assurance masters us, and it becomes a settled thing that our prayers do tell and that God does what we ask, we dare not neglect the use of this wonderful power:  the soul turns wholly to God, and our life becomes prayer. 
But the chief thing we need for such a life of unceasing prayer is, to know that Jesus teaches us to pray.  We have begun to understand a little what His teaching is.  Not the communication of new thoughts or views, not the discovery of failure or error, not the stirring up of desire and faith, of however much importance all this be, but the taking us up into the fellowship of His own prayer-life before the Father—this it is by which Jesus really teaches.  It was the sight of the praying Jesus that made the disciples long and ask to be taught to pray.  It is the faith of the ever-praying Jesus, whose alone is the power to pray, that teaches us truly to pray.
It is Christ who ever lives to pray, who saves and reigns.  He communicates His prayer-life to us:  He maintains it in us if we trust Him.  He is surety for our praying without ceasing.  Yes, Christ teaches to pray by showing how He does it, by doing it in us, by leading us to do it in Him and like Him.  Christ is all, the life and the strength too for a never-ceasing prayer-life.