Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)


Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)


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Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are small groups that meet in rooms throughout the church building on Sunday mornings.

These classes offer a more personalized and interactive experience than "big church." Members of an ABF often share a similar life stage (ex: young adults, young families) or subject they're interested in learning about (ex: apologetics, Jesus's parables, end times).

Ultimately, our hope is that each person involved in an ABF would be able to:

► Experience support and accountability through Christian relationships
► Discover the Christian worldview on an intellectually satisfying level
► Apply biblical principles to his/her life, transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit 

Click on a class below for more information:
Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship Classes (ABF) – May 2019

9:00 a.m. Classes
10:30 a.m. Classes
Growing Relationships
(College-age adults)
Imago Dei
Married & More
Joint Heirs

9:00 A.M. Classes

Growing Relationships - Room 15/16

"Sharing our life experiences with God through prayer, enjoying a brunch snack and seeing the exalted Christ through the book of Hebrews.  The first Sunday of each month is designated to prophecy.  For more information, please call Tab / Christy Crane at 303-690-2846." 

Faithkeepers – Room 21

This class is committed to learn and apply the Word together through loving care, discipleship, and outreach within the community. In April, Dick Hormann will continue leading a study entitled “A Love Story from God” by Rick Yohn. For more details, join us in class or contact Dick Hormann at 303-588-2717 ( ) or Bob Stevens at 720-217-7303.

10:30 A.M. Classes

Married and More – Room 15/16

This class is mostly comprised of couples (with or without children) who want to learn from God’s Word. In April this class will continue to leverage on the biblical “Spiritual Triangle Effect” diagram as a filter to explore the context of our Heavenly, Church and Earthy homes. All ages and stages of life are welcome. For more information, please contact Lou Strahan at 720-635-9078 or

 Joint Heirs – Room 21

All ages are welcome to this exciting, intergenerational class.  In April, the Joint Heirs Class will be studying the Book of John. This class is co-led by Art Deyo and Ray Hogg.  For more details, join us in class or contact Ray / Connie Hogg at 303-771-6816 or Art / Lois Deyo at 303-517-7296.

Rooted – Room 3

The Rooted Class is for young active adults, 19 – 30.   Join this class for an hour of fellowship in the word of God and how it can be a significant blessing in our young lives. 

12:30 P.M. Class

Dedikas – Youth Room 

The Dedikas Ministry is available to all. In April, Joed Emile will continue leading the biblical studies pertaining to God’s Word and its significance in our daily lives. For more details visit this class or contact Joed at 720-429-4458.




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