Adult Bible Fellowships

Dig Deep. With Others.

Adult Bible Fellowships

Coming together in Community around the study of the Word

Why not join a mid-sized community on Sunday mornings here at the church building? ABFs operate on an eight-week cycle, giving people an easy way in and an easy way out of community, depending on where you are in life. Every eight weeks, our ABFs begin a new series or study and then make sure to take time each Sunday to pray for and with one another.

Current ABFs


9:00AM in Room 2-3

Laying the Foundation for Freedom Flyers | Joseph Dhanapal

Looking for a group to dig deep into the Bible with? Be a part of our Adult Bible Fellowship this fall! Beginning Sept. 4, Joseph Dhanapal will be leading an 8-week series on "Walking by Faith."

Coming Soon


9:00AM in Room 2-3

What in the World is God Doing? | Stephen Forcey

Join us as we scan God's plans for the ages. Biblical covenants are significant to understanding what God is doing in the world -- past present and future. Each week we will feature a Prophecy Minute to highlight current relevant happenings in the world today.