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The Macaluso's Story

Roberto grew up in Palermo, Sicily and became a Christian when he was 14 at a Youth For Christ camp. Kristin grew up in a small town near Messina, Sicily. Her parents are originally British, but both grew up as missionary kids, making her a third generation missionary. She became a Christian when she was 6 and met Roberto when they were both 11 at a kids summer camp. They saw each other again a few years later at a youth camp and became friends, started dating at 18, spent 5 years in a long-distance relationship before finally being able to get married in May 2021. After finishing school at 18, Roberto decided to take a year out from studying and took part in a gap-year program with Youth For Christ Britain, and during that year felt God's calling to return to Sicily, where he was born and grew up, in order to serve with teenagers there. Through God's ways, this has led to him working for Youth For Christ International as the Learning Management System Coordinator, working from home to facilitate and enable training for youth work all around the world. Simultaneously they lead their local youth group, lead bible studies, help organise and lead events for teens, disciple, and serve in their local church.


Ministry Today

Roberto is serving with Youth For Christ International as the International Learning Management System Coordinator. He and his wife are also involved in local ministry with Youth For Christ in Palermo, Sicily where they live. They organise events, lead their youth group and meet up one on one with unchurched teenagers and also for discipleship with young people who are approaching Christ. Their ministry leads also to opportunities for Roberto to serve nationally, through summer camps, preaching in different churches and using graphic design, photography and video making to support ministries and churches. Roberto is also studying for his MA in Christian Ministry with Crosslands Seminary.