Olene Forcey

Assistant Children's Director


The most important thing about me…I have a Savior, that never fails, and I can introduce you to Him.

I spent the first 22 years of life learning obedience and how to do the right thing.  I thought that meant I was saved. That was never really challenged until college and someone asked me “why”?  My only answer was because mother said so!!! After graduating from UT, Austin, I was more confused than ever.  I moved to Dallas, still went to church every Sunday and got involved …. because that’s just what you did.  One Sunday morning, I heard a man’s testimony and when he started talking about his relationship with Jesus, I immediately knew, I had no relationship!!!  I knew all the Bible stories and knew all about Jesus and the cross but He wasn’t my Savior because I thought everybody was saved and going to Heaven …unless they did something really bad!  I pretty much depended on my good works and lack of “really bad sins”.  I knew God as a God of love, so I figured i would make it in to Heaven, just like everybody else! I know now it was the Holy Spirit, using this guy’s testimony, to draw me to Himself.  I was stunned!   Not saved?  I got out of that classroom, and I remember praying right then, asking God to save me, and telling Him I now understood “I am a sinner and cannot save myself, and thanking Him for His sacrifice for me.”  That was it!  Everything changed!!! 

It would be years before I understood all that happened in that moment!  I didn’t know anything about the Holy Spirit or that my salvation was completely dependent on Jesus and His free gift, and not my being obedient and staying out of trouble. Now the real adventure began!  Life before was fun but now to recognize God made me with His purpose in mind.   I quit living out…”because that’s what I’m supposed to do” and started choosing to ask the Spirit to teach me and direct my path, show me God’s purpose for me. I am so grateful for what He did and continues to do!  What a privilege to be living in these days, and knowing His purpose for me.



My hope for FCC is that we thrive in our relationship with the Lord and that we will be known as an equipping church (Ephesians 4:12-16).