Rich Fuller

Associate Elder


Born in Maine in the early 50’s, attended grade school in Massachusetts and high school in New Jersey. My parents were both believers and had myself, 2 brothers & sisters in church most Sundays. After graduation I attended a Marine Engineering school in Baltimore Md. During my time in Baltimore I met my future wife Maggie, who resided in Southern New Jersey. After graduating I worked as an engineer in Norfolk Va. and Philadelphia Pa. Maggie and I were married in June of 1975 after her graduation from college. Soon after we were married I gave up my sailing career and started to work in the two-way radio business installing and repairing communications equipment.

I worked for Motorola for 10 years and left that business to become a missionary with Trans World Radio where Maggie and I, along with our two daughters relocated to the Pacific Island of Guam. We served there for 8 years and were reassigned to the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean for four more years before returning the U.S. We settled in southern New Jersey where Maggie returned to work as director of our home churches preschool program and I took a job as a computer system administrator at a local bank. I retired from banking at the age of 65 and Maggie and I relocated to the Denver area, where our youngest daughter lived. Soon after moving to the Denver area we started to attend Fellowship Community Church and have been involved for about 7 years.