December 5 EncourageOgram


Dear Friends,

In Luke 5 we see Jesus actively doing three miracles!  

First Jesus, the carpenter, directs Peter, the fisherman, to a great catch of fish in the middle of the afternoon!  All the details of Jesus’ advice seem illogical, yet Peter confesses “because you say so, I will let down the nets!”  How many times has Jesus asked us to do something that seemed illogical to us that blossomed into a great blessing! Let those who have ears listen! 

Secondly, Jesus heals a leper.  Now leprosy was not curable!  It was a disease that came with a death sentence!  Lepers were unclean and had to live apart from the temple and their homes!  The leper questions the willingness of Jesus to heal him. He does not question Jesus’ authority or ability to heal.  After the immediate and lasting healing Jesus tells him to offer the sacrifices to the priest as a “testimony” to them.  Priests never had cleansed lepers bringing thank offering for their healings!  This is an amazing and quiet way to glorify God!  

Finally, Jesus heals and forgives a paralytic!  I love the story of persistence by his friends to get their friend in front of Jesus.  Oh, that we may be so persistent in prayer for our friends!  The text tells us that the crowds were filled with awe! They were amazed and had to see God at work!  But I may ask you, what was the greatest miracle they witnessed that day?  Was it the healing of the lame man or the proclamation of forgiveness! Only God can forgive sins, so Jesus is clearly demonstrating His holy deity to them!  Any physical miracle we experience cannot compare to the infinite value of trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins! 

Today at Fellowship Community Church, I will be preaching a sermon on the oracle to the church at Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6.  The lesson is clear: do not become complacent in your faith! Stay alert!  Be vigilant every day!  Watch and pray!  Then watch and pray some more!  Jesus is still in the business of doing miracles!

Until tomorrow,

Pastor Rick 

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