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Violent Grace - Card

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

In preparation for Easter this year, I have been reading a very insightful book by Michael Card.  It is entitled, “A Violent Grace.”  It contains meditations on the cross and its application to our lives today!  I highly recommend this book to minister to your heart and life!  At the conclusion of each chapter, Card includes a written prayer.  The prayers are worth the cost of the book.  Here is one example from the chapter entitled: “He was nailed to the cross so I might escape judgment.”

O Lord, you suffered the judgment of death on the cross,
so I might live free of the penalty for my own sins.
Give me grace to live a life worthy of your great sacrifice.
By your Spirit, allow me to stand before your cross every day,
continually experiencing afresh 
the wonder of your forgiveness and the depth of your love.
Loving Savior, you have drawn me to yourself.
May your remarkable demonstration of love.
be revealed in my life today,
drawing all men and women to You!

Be encouraged by the cross of our Savior and all He accomplished in  paying the price to set us free! 

Pastor Rick

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